It is our pleasure to bring to your attention an academic journal aimed at introducing international scholars and specialists to the best of their Russian colleagues’ scientific papers.

Research done by Russian scholars has long remained largely unknown to the world academic community.
Rather than the language barrier, this was due to the legacy of the ways and the self-isolation of the Soviet Academia. With a new wave of talented researchers, contemporary Russian science is undergoing a rapid transformation, and we at the Safe Internet League would like to contribute to the
advancing and promoting of their research.

For this purpose we are presenting a choice selection of scholarly papers by Russian authors, translated into English, published, and sent a print version to the most renowned and reputable international scholars according to SSRN (Social Science Research Network) Author Rank.

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Denis Davydov, CEO of the Safe Internet League
Magomet Yandiev, Editor in Chief
Valery Ponomarev, Executive Secretary of the Journal
Tatiana Suprun, Linguistic editor
Alexey Polezhaev, Internet Supporter